Underdog Idols is the new alternative online entertainment matchmaker that matches talent with recording labels and music executives from all around the world. Underdog Idols is for those who have participated, OR not, in the hit TV show and didn’t make the cut, yet feel they haven’t been given the chance to shine for all their fans. We have the solution. Record labels are continuously looking for up and coming artists to sign to their labels and to make them big stars. Underdog Idolswill help you get in touch with key recording labels, producers, and music executives from all around the United States and beyond. You will be exposed to people who can see your potential to be the next Britney Spears, Usher, 50 Cent, or Gaga. The key is to get noticed by these labels and music executives that will make you the star you dream of being. You can get a “thumbs up” OR "thumbs down" from all viewers on all talent shows but you cannot become a big star without the recording contract. We hear the term Underdog on the popular TV talent shows to describe those contestants who have been overlooked or not given the sufficient chance they need to be successful. This is why we felt that everyone deserves a second chance to stardom and can be seen by all viewers with the online platform of Underdog Idols.Wait, there is more...Instead of spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on travel expenses and being away from your job, or worse—your family and loved ones, Underdog Idols is done online. You simply upload your video to Youtube channel and let the public vote on your performance. Simple as that! There will be two rounds of performance prior to sending your video to the record label companies so take advantage to better yourself whenever the opportunity arise. Remember, there is NO Hollywood week with Underdog Idols. Every month is a new season with Underdog. It gets even better... Since Underdog Idols is web-based; you can participate from the comfort of your own home. No need to camp outside for days waiting in line, hoping to get to see the judges and praying for a chance to beat the odds and get to Hollywood to perform in front of millions of viewers. The Youtube phenomenon is ready to provide you with millions of viewers without you spending a huge chunk of cash or disrupting your life when having to find venues of where judges will appear with the TV show. Justin Beiber got noticed when he uploaded a video of him singing on Youtube. Maybe you can have these same opportunities... Maybe the best part... You don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of rejection and endure cruel criticisms from the judges on the TV show. Underdog Idols will give an opportunity to everyone who wants a first, or second chance at stardom. If you have what it takes to make it in the business, and have the drive and desire, and do not want to let 4 individuals decide your future for you, thenUnderdog Idols was created for that purpose. Your video will be seen by potentially millions of fans including agents, record executives, and talent scouts. Dreams do come true when you have a shot at being the next Underdog Idols. The best part is that if the first month (considered as a season forUnderdog Idols) you are not chosen by the viewers, you can prepare another video and upload it in our system during next month registration period and share your talents with the world. No need to wait another year to appear again, if possible, on the popular TV show Idol. So this is how it works: Submissions are accepted the first week of the month. They are posted and available for voting. We encourage you to promote your video and try to garner as many votes as possible. Yes, our judges (not 4) are viewers (several hundred millions of them), and not what you see on the traditional show. The viewers will vote “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on your online performance. The remaining three weeks will be just voting. Once we hit the end of month, the voting stops and the top 10 contestants with the most votes will receive notification as to how many votes they have received and when the next round of judging for their video will take place. At this point, they will be allowed to upload another video showcasing more of their talent. The top 10 can use the professional service of our sponsors to produce a professional quality video. Remember, some of the biggest recording industry executives will be able to see your video, make sure they are impressed. The top 10 candidates will then compete against each other to select the top 3 candidates (again, highest in votes) which will have the opportunity to get their video in the hands of the major music recording labels and independent companies. This process will happen every month so you will have your chance to shine and share your talents with the whole world whenever the first time doesn't work. After the contest, it is up to the labels and agents to decide to present an offer to the chosen idols.Underdog Idols organizes the contest that gets you noticed. We aren’t a management agency or record label company. Like any contest, there are winners and many more of you won’t be selected by the viewers, but that’s what makes Underdog Idols different from the popular TV show. We provide you with the opportunity and platform to never quit and never give up on your dreams. You are allowed to upload other videos if needed in subsequent months. The key to all success is persistence and determination to make it in this business. Welcoming rejection in this business will allow you to create a better video the next time around and attract more viewers to share your talent. The public is the one who will judge you, so when your video is uploaded, you can promote your video and yourself on all social media outlets, and whatever other means you find necessary. You want to get as many votes as you possibly can. Plus, the more months you participate by submitting a new video, the more your fan base will grow, and what record label doesn’t like to sign an artist who already has millions of fans? Voting is secure; only ONE vote per IP address to avoid the contestant's family or friends to vote multiple times for the same performance. All participating private label companies will have their choice on who they want to approach or work with. These music record labels and management companies can be very large major corporations or small independents, depending on what organizations participate in Underdog Idols. This site was created for those who feel they have the talent to make it big in the industry, and are looking for their first or second chance to become a star. When you believe in yourself and in your dreams, they can become reality! Do not let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve your goals. GO FOR IT!!! Underdog Idols was created and is produced by ProAce International founders. The site regroups a number of private and independent music label companies that can help the future talents make it big in this industry. We are a matching system that will put you, the talent, in contact with key people in the music industry.